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Dear Friend,

I know that you share my interest in and my enthusiasm for the Quaker Parakeet. I have been completely overwhelmed to discover how many of us there are who love Quakers.

Six years ago I  started a publication called "The Quaker News" which has been  issued quarterly. It contains interesting information for both pet owners and breeders. The "Dear Linda" column provides answers to questions from readers which may be of concern to all of us. There are tips on the care of these charming little birds on diet, housing, breeding, rare mutations - a wealth of information applying directly to this species. We have solicited input from our subscribers on their experiences with Quakers.

Due to my ever expanding list of things that I seem to get myself involved in I have decided to discontinue publication of the Quaker News. There are just not enough hours in the day for me to do all of the things I want to!

All twenty four back issues are published on  this website. Enjoy!!  Just click on a month to view that issue:

January 1994

April 1994

July 1994

October 1994


January 1995

April 1995

July 1995

October 1995


January 1996

April 1996

July 1996

October 1996


January 1997

April 1997

July 1997

October 1997


January 1998

April 1998

July 1998

October 1998


January 1999

April 1999   

July 1999

October 1999

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